Monday, November 1, 2010

The Circus is in town. Let's choose a ringleader!

My Goodness this political season has been rich! There seems to be a lot of buzz over the candidates this year, and for some strange reason, everybody wants big change! Well wasn't that what we voted for 2 years ago was change? Didn't like what you got? Well I know I didn't. Of course, I have never done that poorly on having the candidates I pulled the lever for winning, so I have ground to stand on to complain that I didn't get what I wanted. My Candidates Lost!

I find it odd how the media is painting this bleak picture for Democrats this election season based on poll numbers. Is this to make it sound better when they do not loose by the margins everybody is talking about? Possibly is this to rally Democrats to vote and save the party? I would have to say a combination of both. Save the seats they can by rallying the base, and lower expectations for Democrats to maintain faith in the party and it's future. So what is the future of the party?

The future of the Democrat brand is a little unclear at the moment. I would have to say it depends on whither Obama values his views or his job in higher regard. If he values his views over keeping the White House, then we'll see him out in 2 more years when he's on the ballot and people have 2 more years to judge him by. If he values his job more than his views, then he'll pull a "Clinton" and move towards or even to the center and in 2 years people will forget the first half of his first term. He will be able to say his plan succeeded at helping the American people when in fact it failed in the background and nobody was the wiser. He'll be able to take credit for the Republican congress's success in correcting the county Just Like Clinton in 1996. The only problem is that in 1993, Clinton's health care bill failed to get through Congress. Obama signed his health care bill after having it ram-roded through congress on questionable procedure. Whither you agree with the bill or not, the procedure alone has a lot of Americans distrusting how government works, and more specifically, Democrats. Not a good image to build the Democrat Brand on.

I'm glad history hasn't repeated itself from the 20's and 30's when the American People bought Roosevelt's spin hook line and sinker. The American People have come a long way in being a much more intelligent people and a more educated electorate. I just hope that history doesn't repeat what happened in 1996 and we get 4 more years of Obama.

Of course, regardless of your opinions when it comes to the candidates, please go out and vote this election season. This system of government doesn't work without it!

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