Friday, October 15, 2010

Sticking to your guns.

This past week we saw Carl Paladino make a statement that caused quite a ruckus in the media. We also saw a Media Frenzy on how "inexperienced" Carl is in the political landscape. All over a statement regarded as "Hate Speech" by the political correct crowd. If this wasn't bad enough we had Carl follow up by back tracking and "Clarifying" his position on almost a flip flop. All to appease a small minority of squeaky wheels that have the majority of Americans convinced they are larger in numbers. I think this is much larger than just the Governorship of New York. It's a teachable moment.

First of all, there was a breakdown in the responsibility of the campaign manager in that the speech was not read carefully in make sure it addressed the issues and tone of the Paladino campaign.

Second there was a breakdown in the responsibility of Carl himself to know where the speech came from, as well as the content of it before he read it with camera's on. The Cuomo campaign is a well oiled machine and it can dig up dirt on it's own. It does not need ammunition handed to it on a silver platter.

Third, there's a reason the Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008. They lost their way on issues. The problem isn't that they were too Conservative and people didn't like it, they were acting too much like liberals and they lost their base. They stopped standing up on the issues and were wavering to win votes. The problem with that is that Liberals squeak until they're greased. They sound like they are in the majority when they clearly are not. How does this apply to Carl Paladino's Gay Comments? Well Carl is pandering to the Gays when they are in a minority. New Yorkers are seeing up close that he's flip-flopping on a statement that he made. This is not what he needs to be showing the People of New York. Carl's withdrawal from that statement lost the endorsement of the Orthodox Jews that he was speaking to when he made the statement. His withdrawal almost lost my endorsement. Unfortunately now my endorsement is based on the fact that he's not Cuomo. Don't get me wrong on this. I have only one issue with Gays. Their desire to marry and make my government recognize it to be equal to my marriage with my wife that is a sanctified bond ordained by God almighty. I think there is one statement that sums up my feelings about Gays. Don't hate the Player, hate the Game.

This election nationwide is favoring Republicans in most races with the large exceptions going to New York. We've been a blue state for years and in my opinion the bluest state in the land. New York is in real bad shape in that this year $.37 of every dollar spent was borrowed. I don't believe there is any better argument for a balanced budget amendment that that. The entitlement mentality in New York is way too high and needs to be stopped. Unfortunately we'll have to wait till the next election cycle to solve it.

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