Thursday, September 23, 2010

Election Season is here.

Well fellow conservatives, it's here. The single most important election of our lifetime. For several years now we've been lied to on how bad it is, who's fault it was, and now, how good it is, and how it is going to get better. I know a lot of people out of work that know better.

The misconception that we can attack certain industries as the problem and then go after them is a dangerous mentality and is one of the more dangerous ideas coming out of our state capitals and Washington. I find it odd that anybody thinks that sticking it to the man is going to get us out of this recession. I think that what many people do not realize is that the "Man" is the one that signs the paychecks if he has the money and it makes sense to do so. This misconception that companies exist for the sole benefit of employing people is misguided and dangerous. Companies are in business to make money. If they're not making money, they are going to trim down until they are profitable. We should not increase their burden with unnecessary tax increases and burdens.

The misconception that the rich can afford to be taxed is equally as dangerous. The rich are so because of hard work and dedication to make money, although sometimes this is the hard work of a parent or grand parent, their money was at one point earned. Taxes are levied on the rich based on their income. People who ride inherited fortunes don't "earn" money to be taxed nearly as much as those who are actually working and "earning" their wealth. The "Paris Hilton's" of this world will keep spending their money. The "Steve Wynn's" of this world will lay off staff because they can't afford to keep them employed and still make money. The "Steve Wynn's" of this world will also find ways to cut spending and not waste money on unnecessary things. A concept that our government has clearly lost.

The mentality of this Country has to change. Our founding fathers created government to be "limited". They did not believe that a benevolent government should be in charge of their lives forcing everybody to share the wealth. They believed that people should be free to become prosperous. That's why this election is so critical. The mentality of the Country has slowly become a mentality of a welfare state and we need to take it back. If we don't, then there will be no hope of being the "land of the free" anymore.

I don't mean to tell you what candidates to vote for this fall, but I think my post states very clearly which side of the aisle I'm pulling the lever for. I do ask that you do the research and pick the candidate that you think will get this country back on the correct path. Only then will we be a free people.